It's more than just planning your wedding - it's serving you with purpose and heart from the very first email.

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Meet Ashlee

Welcome to the EVA Experience where our philosophy is built around southern hospitality and that means taking care of you from beginning to end. 

We believe that you have dreamed of this day since the first time you watched Cinderella and realized someday you would have your own Prince Charming. A lifetime of dreaming, and for it all to happen within about 15 hours, takes experience and trust from your wedding planner.

We want you to trust that we will be those silent background ninjas throughout your planning process. You’ll never know your flowers were dropped off at the wrong location or your cake was inches from being smashed on the dance floor (both true stories – I’ll write a book one day!). We are creative problem solvers.

Beyond Planning

Our Experience Goes

Welcome! I'm Ashlee, owner of EVA & Co. Events. I am proudly a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society! 

EVA & Co. has a very special meaning - E= Ellee, the sweet little blonde, V= Vivee, the petite brunette that looks like she'll start a fire when you turn your back (you're right, she will), A= Ashlee (me) the tall blonde and the Co= my super good looking husband. I just couldn't forget him! So, in short, no my name is not Eva, although; I do like when people refer to me as my alter ego ;) 

You deserve THE best for your wedding or event. You will be able to sit back and relax the months prior to and day of your event knowing that EVA & Co. has you as their #1 priority. 

I'm Ashlee

bless your heart

Meet the Eva Team

Fun Facts about ashlee:

I love to make lists just so I can cross them off.

Jesus will always be my #1 jam.

Sweat pants and stilettos are of equal value to me.

I have my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I used to work in pediatrics - they'll always have my heart.

I'm a wanna be Ballerina. Barre classes are my obsession and I often find myself standing in first position like a dork.

You'll find a notepad by my bed of ideas and dreams. I think best at night and have to write it down as soon as I think of something!

Maia graduated from Miami University with a Bachelors in Interior Design and Minor in Corporate Fashion Business.  She is enthusiastic with high-energy and a good sense of design awareness. 

"My passion for design started with the Miami University Fashion and Design organization as an Executive Event Planner Director. It has taught me how to be a leader and confident aspiring interior designer. MUF&D has changed my life and it is my responsibility to use my skill to change and progress the dream of designers that many have created before me. I will display my dedication through my confidence, efficiency, success, failure, achievements and poise characteristics." 

We are so excited to have an expert designer on the EVA Team!

Lead Designer


Here at Eva and Co., we have a dedicated staff of experienced, caring, and oh-so-fun team members! You should know who will be working with you on the most important day of your life, so get to know them below!

The Eva Team

Mary has been with EVA & Co. for almost 3 years! After working numerous weddings as an assistant Mary became a Certified Wedding Planner!

She works quietly in the background ensuring all needs are met. Mary is always a step ahead, organized, and timely! She is a very important asset to the EVA Team!


Lead Planner